Facts An IT Developer Should Know About Facebook


India is a huge country and sometimes it’s difficult to maintain contact with each and every person but You know in today’s world the lines I wrote earlier may seem absurd because today we have Social networking, today we have Facebook. Today, it’s not only India that the Facebook has changed but the whole world uses this social networking site to connect with their friends, family, relatives and acquaintance. In this blog I going to discuss the evolution of the technology of the most popular networking site in the history of Internet i.e. Facebook. Continue reading

Trojan Horse : A Lion in Sheepskin

trojan-word-cloudYesterday, I was browsing through the internet and I was trying to download an audio. Then I came across a website which had many download options throughout the page, I was very cautious of finding the actual download link and was trying not to click on any counterfeited link but somehow or the other I ended up downloading a virus on my computer. Continue reading

Employment Status In IT Industry


For different peoples the meaning of the word ‘employment’ is also different.For most people, employment means having a unified job in the community, which means a simple job just like everyone has. Some people choose different options for them like self employing or having their own business. But these options come with some limitations as these options cannot fulfill their demands of earning money or the type of work they want to do generally. Best practice emphasizes individual employment options.  Continue reading



When many of us (including me) select a phone, we consider innumerous features of a phone including the camera, internal memory, RAM and many more things, but one thing is there which we all underestimate (or in some cases we don’t care), that my friends, is known as Bluetooth. We always shrug off this particular factor which is still a revolution in

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Li-Fi : Brightening The Future


At this point of time, you must be sitting in a room illuminated by light. When a person hears the word ‘Light’ the first thing that comes to an individual’s mind is some luminous and bright object but believe me when I say that its soon gonna change. The next time you think about ‘Light’ you will think about the chores it does for you. What I am talking about is Light-Fidelity abbreviated as Li-Fi. Continue reading

7 Most In-Demand Programming Language


Which one is the most popular programming language? answer of this question depends. Are you trying to land job at mobile app startup or Professional websites? There are several programming language available in market, it is very important to choose optimum language to attain your good future development. More than half of the jobs are in tech, which require good programming skill along with experience. If you are interested in fast growing and lucrative career, you might want to make learning to code next to your checklist!

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Internship in Java

internship1Are you interested in working in technology sector? Want to excel in an analytic challenging field. Then what are you waiting for? Join internship now!! Internship is the best for those who want to speed up their technical skills and expertise into real time development environment. This reduces the gap between the academic learning and industry experience.You can also acquire important supplementary skills during an internship and make contact with potential future employers. Continue reading

Captcha Image using C#


Earlier, when I was not much into Information Technology. I didn’t know about a lot of things, one of them being ‘Captcha Code’. I thought that what can be the reason for them asking a user to type a code that is written in a particular way. About 7-8 months ago, I came to know what really Captcha Code meant for. Captcha stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Human Apart”. Acronym of Captcha itself explains the need for a Captcha code. It is used to prevent ‘Spamming’ which include submitting forms automatically through computer. Hence, this code is highly effective in differentiating between human and computers as computers aren’t programmed to answer such question.

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