Be Nobel – Spread Education

Be nobel is a unique initiative by CPD. Under this the CPD-ians can donate their old IGNOU Blocks and other computer related books (that are in good Conditions) for fellow mates who are not getting there blocks on time or cannot purchase costly books for their reference. We, CPD will work as an interface to share the education resource among our students. In order to make this successful we want you to read the following rules carefully and participate or promote this with your noble heart to help your companions.



  • Only CPD-ians can take part in this initiative, it is free of cost.
  • Before donating your material please make sure you don't want it in future or returning can only possible if it is available in our stock.
  • Material Available in the stock can only be provided.
  • Once the item is donated no claim of ownership can be made.
  • Only Relevant material in good condition will be accepted.
  • CPD Reserve all rights regarding the processing, rules, regulations and other decision related to this initiative.
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