Antivirus : Tool That keep You Secure From Malicious Code

TOP-9-FREE-ANTIVIRUS-PROGRAMS-2014In this technology age many crippling virus programs are developed by hackers to break into system and theft your personal and bank information without even letting you realized that you have compromised.

Antivirus is a tool available in the market to keep you safe from these threats and protect your data and information from the malicious code.


Antivirus: How the Stuff Works

Antivirus is a line of code that can be used to scan files and suspicious activities. It identifies and removes computer Viruses and other malicious software’s from the system.

Many popular antivirus applications are available in the market to keep you secure from threats of theft of information.

Some are: Bit defender Antivirus Plus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Norton AntiVirus, Avast! Pro Antivirus and many more antivirus applications are available in the market

Antivirus application uses two techniques to search system for malicious activities and viruses

1. Antivirus Examining files and search for the known information or code from the virus dictionary available with them most of the antivirus uses this approach. Antivirus program update its database frequently for the provider website for keep it updated with new virus information. This helps in keeping data secure from the new viruses in the market.

2. Some Antivirus applications examine the suspicious activity of an application and then examine it for malicious code. It checks applications behavior rather than checking for definition it flagged the application and asks user what to do with it. Who antivirus follows this approach provides user protection against the viruses that are currently not listed in the virus database however it also show many false alerts too.

3.Antivirus Examine the program and emulate the beginning of the code of each new executable that is being executed before transferring control to executable If the program seems to be using self-modifying code or otherwise appears as a virus However, this method results in a lot of false positives.

4. Yet another detection method is using a sandbox. A sandbox emulates the operating system and runs the executable in this simulation. After the program has terminated, the sandbox is analyses for changes which might indicate a virus. Because of performance issues this type of detection is normally only performed during on-demand scans.

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