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In our daily routine we do lot of spends. But at the end we make reports of all that spends. Like, in my family my mother has the responsibility of making the report of the monthly expenses and then comparing it with the monthly income of the family so that we can analyze our economic condition and can control our extravagant expenses for using it as our future savings. But she does it in manual form. If I talk about small scale organization they keep their records in excel file where they can analyze their Profit and losses easily. But when we talk about the large scale organizations, they can’t do it in manual form or in the excel file. That’s why they develop website for their organization where they keep, analyze and modify the data on large scale using controls known as data controls. Today, I tried to introduce you with those data control which .net developer generally used in their websites.

One of the important goals of the language is code minimization. Data controls play an important role in this purpose. Data controls used to display the records in the form of reports.

Some of the Data controls are:

  1. Repeater data control
  2. Detailsview data control
  3. GridView data control
  4. DataList data control
  5. FormView data control


GridView data control:

This control displays the data in tabular form.

It not only support the editing and deleting of data, it also support sorting and paging of data.



DetailsView data control:

This control displays single record of data at a time.

It supports updating, insertion or deletion of the record.

It can be used in conjunction with the GridView control to provide a master-detail view of your data.



FormView data control:

This control displays a single record of data at a time like DetailsView control and supports the editing of record.

This control requires the use of template to define the rendering of each item.

Developer can completely customize the appearance of the record.



DataListView control:

This control displays data as items in a list.

Presentation of the data can be customized via templates.

Inline editing and deleting of data is supported by this control.



Repeater Data control:

This control is used to display the repeated list of the items that are bound to the control.

It provides complete flexibility in regards to the HTML presentation.

A Repeater has five templates to format it:

  • HeaderTemplate
  • AlternatingItemTemplate
  • Itemtemplate
  • SeoperatorTemplate
  • FooterTemplate



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