Digital Marketing: A Major Leap Toward Success


I came across a question that was asked in an interview. The question was as follows " A five star hotel was on its peak bookings in Goa but suddenly their bookings dropped to around 30% and there was nothing infamous about that hotel and neither did the tourist percentage decrease so what could be the reason that their sales dropped so abruptly ?". This question troubled me a lot but once I read the answer I was like what else it could have been. The answer is poor adoption of digital marketing strategy. Actually, this question gave me the idea of writing this blog because I believe that in today's world each and every business organisations or start-ups must have a strong digital marketing strategy.

Well, there's one thing that every person has in common that whenever they hear the word Digital Marketing the first thing that strikes your mind is a website. But, let me tell you that digital marketing is not just having a website but it includes several other strategies. Digital marketing means endorsing your product over the internet. This has proved to be highly fruitful to many a companies. Digital marketing include various kinds of techniques, I have listed many of them below:

Social Media: After initiating every measure, the most important thing is to reach to the people, have access to their thoughts. This can be achieved by simply getting active on Social Media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. They are the best medium for conveying your business uses and plans to the whole world.

Advertisements: Well you may have seen hoardings and flexes all over highways but same things correspond over the internet as well and these services are provided by the search engines, popular websites and many more places over the internet. How this helps ? You know, that there are some internet sites which you need in every 3-4 days, those sites feature advertisements which invoke interests in a particular product. They are usually paid services but if they start yielding results then they can be groundbreaking.

Modification for Search Engines : You may include attractive and interesting keywords that you think are related to your business and are most likely to be typed by the searcher. This increases the probability of your site being showed up on the search pages earlier than many other pages. In addition it is not paid when we compare this with paid advertising. But paid advertising sure has instant effects.

Registration on Web Portals : In order to make your work accessible to everybody you have to make it available over the internet as it is accessible to everybody. You must register your work on major web portals related to your field of action. For example, if you facilitate lodging or travelling you must get yourself signed up on major sites like Cleartrip, Trivago, GoIbibo etc. If you are a product manufacturer, portals such as Snapdeal offer you to sell your products on their sites. Or maybe if you are an educational organisation you have to be on and many more portals.

There is a lot of competition in the market regarding the digital marketing strategy as now more and more people are becoming digital minded and are highly aware of the new gen techs that's why a person has to be very much effective in seeking the attention of the consumers as the consumers always look for something new and the trend is ever changing and the balance has to be found. Also, the person has to handle a large amount of data when totally involved in such thing. You have to be up to date and there mustn't be anything that is a hot potato and is out of your knowledge.

India is a very big country and thus it also makes it a very big market. If your company doesn't withstand the chance of being a prodigy then you will be nothing more than a small business in tens of thousands of business running around in the country. Thus it's important to brace yourself for the growing competition.

These are the strategies that I think might prove to be beneficent. The main concept lies in the thing that in today's modernized society people always approach internet for all their solutions. So, it's very important for you to convert these facts and figures into profitable numbers. You have to act wisely and walk hand in hand with what's the need of the moment. While concluding I'd like to quote that 'More Access, More Success' is the modern world mantra, dissolve it in your lives and lead a better one.

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