e-Learning vs Classroom Learning

In ancient times, the Gurukula system of education was followed in India. The advancement in technology has created many changes in the old school methods of education to provide a better experience for both the learners and the teachers. BCA and MCA are courses that mainly focus on computer applications. Many universities offer these courses both in online and offline modes. You must choose your mode of learning depending upon the constraints you are bound and your nature of learning.




  • Flexibility: Online training courses offer a 24-hour access to the course material. You can get access to the study material from absolutely anywhere with just a laptop in hand. This has helped many stays at home moms and others who cannot attend the regular classes to continue their education.
  • Technology: This might be an advantage or not depending on the learning style of the student. But if you are one among the lot who prefer researching online or connecting with a selected group of study mates then this is definitely for you.


  • Time management: This is perceived as a major obstacle by many students as online learning expects the students to self-monitor, organize and plan their course work. Though there are universities which offer guidances to students in these things, many of them prefer in person instructions by the mentor.
  • Study Engagement: This is another key factor when it comes to disadvantages of online training. If the professors do not incorporate engagement strategies or if the fellow learners show the least interest in engaging with one another, then there are chances of students leaving the course incomplete.

Classroom Learning:



  • The human touch: Online training environment does not provide the ‘human touch’, unlike classroom training. Learning in a classroom improves communication skills and also it imparts values related to community living.
  • Group interactions: Classrooms provide a platform for group discussions and to know different perspectives regarding a topic. There are also better chances of developing human relations which will make classes more interesting.


  • Learning comfortably: the main drawback is that many students are shy to ask their doubts in a class full of students. This drawback does not occur in online training as there is one to one interactions.
  • Time limit: classroom learning might become a time-consuming process for one sector of students, whereas some students might miss out on the topics covered as every student has their own pace of learning.


Hopefully, the above list of pros and cons of both online and classroom coaching has helped you to decide which one suit the best for you. Every student has a unique way of learning, different pace of learning and also an environment which they prefer to learn. Depending on your interests of learning, commitments, and constraints, choose the best among the two. Another noteworthy development is that many universities are offering courses, blended with the key features of both classroom and online learning.Cpd technologies, an IT, institute in Delhi features you with both the learning facilities. so if u are interested in any of the, then visit us today. 

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