What is Google APIs? How to use it?

What is Google APIs? Why do we use it?
API (Application programming interface) that permits two software programs to interact with each other. Google has different APIs which are all used to access distinct services or technologies that Google gives. All of these APIs can be handled to add highlights Google has built a program that you create. Some examples of Google APIs are:
• Google Translate
• Google Geocoding
• Google Flights
• Google Drive
• Google NLP

Google API can be used in a very simple way:
1. Select precise Google API.
2. Command a programming language.
3. Sign up for the passage that API in Google.
4. Seize the suitable unit code in Google.
5. Run it- It’s done, it couldn’t be simpler more than that.

All, these Google APIs have a separate meant use case, so it will be necessary to examine these API and see which one fetched you the data your application will need.

With increasing number of APIs nowadays there are always new APIs that discipline in something. Picking the “best” API always depends on our work or as per our plan requirements. It depends on the individual like what information you are seeking for that you need to fetch from the API.

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