How To Host A Website For Free


Hi, Guys! Today I am going to say about how you can host a website at free of cost. This may be very helpful for those who are searching for any free hosting tricks for their website. So let’s start. I am just discussing some good and useful methods by which you can easily host your website freely.

Method 1:

In my point of view, you can use any third party hosting for free hosting. Nowadays you can find several free third parties hosting service provider on the internet. So you can just host your website through them. They are also offering various customizations facilities to the customer. It’s true that it will not provide all the facilities like a paid hosting provider, but it’s quite helpful if you are using a normal website for hosting.

You can get various pros of using this method like:

  • You can get free support and host.
  • It’s quite easy to set-up and manage the hosting
  • You can get various themes and templates from these free hosting service providers.
  • You can get built-in security features.
  • You can get the automatic backup facility to your website.

Method 2:

As per my experience, you can also host your website on your own computer. For this, make sure that you are permitted to host a site on your ISP. A many internet service provider restricts this service. You can easily do this by finding out your IPaddress and wamp server on your computer.Wamp server is always good because it contains auto configuration facility and apache. One thing you have to notice always keep the local host during the installation process of this application.

Method 3:

Word press is a good platform for you if you want to host your website freely. Most of the people think that this is a blog, but the truth is that you can host your website for free in this interface which is quite amazing. So many professionals using this platform to host their website so this is another method in which you can easily host your website free of cost.

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