How To Remove Unetbootin From Boot Menu

UNetbootinFew months back we were trying to install an operating system in Hard Disk using Unetbootin and because some issues with the iso file of the operating system I was unable to install the OS in my C Drive and I ended up screwing the Boot menu. The Boot menu started having another option named Unetbootin with the Windows 7 (Default OS) and finally I found a solution to the problem after many trials. So what you’ll have to do is just sit back and follow the instructions step by step as stated below.


A Thing can be done in many methods, so is this, you can remove the Unetbootin from the Boot menu by many methods, I would be guiding you with the easiest and the most feasible method so that you will be able to remove the Unetbootin option from the boot menu without any issues and that too with an ease.

Method 1

Go to this directory : Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features and locate for Unetbootin and Uninstall it from there and you’re problem is solved but in my case what I did was I deleted the files from the C Drive and was unable to find Unetbootin in that directory so wasn’t able to remove the Unetbootin option from the Boot menu, so if you are one like me, you’ll have to go with the below stated method

Method 2

Step 1 : Open CMD as Administrator (Elevated Command Prompt).

Step 2 : Type bcdedit.exe in the elevated command prompt and you’ll find something related to boot coming in the window, You’ll find something which will look similar to this, You will be having a different value in the brackets of the identifier.

identifier {9be99bb5-6452-11e2-9ff8-001e33d67d3a}
device partition=C:
path \ubnldr.mbr
description UNetbootin

Step 3 : Copy the value in the brackets of the identifier, In the above example I showed the value to be copied is 9be99bb5-6452-11e2-9ff8-001e33d67d3a

Step 4 : Now in the same window type : bcdedit/delete {Identifier Value you copied above} for the above shown example you will have to type in bcdedit/delete {9be99bb5-6452-11e2-9ff8-001e33d67d3a}

Note : You will have to replace the value in the brackets with the value in your system.

That’s it, using the above stated methods you will easily be able to remove Unetbootin from Bootmenu.


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