How to start with the Android application?

Love to code? Love to program? hmm firstly you need to have a good command in JAVA before switching to Android, then only you may love to start the Android application development. if you’ve never programmed before then learning each and every aspect must be required to strongly build the Android application.

Following are the Android Application fundamentals:
Like if we are taking it from the developer perspective then basic fundamental must include:
1) Activities
2) Services
3) Broadcast Receivers
4) Content Providers

Activity is the fundamental structure piece of every Android application. It presents the means to furnish a UI. Every cover in an application is an activity by itself.

Service is another structure section of Android applications which does not provide a UI. It is a program that can run in the background for an infinite period.

Broadcast Receiver is yet another type of element that can receive and respond to any broadcast transmissions.

Content Providers are a separate league of components that expose a specific set of data to applications.

There is much more to learn with Android…..
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