Using Technology In Small Business (Google Docs, CRM, Credit Card Processing)

Hi, everyone! Today I am going to describe how Google docs, CRM and credit card processing helps small business. In this article, you can also get a brief idea about Google docs, CRM and credit card processing methods. So let’s start.

Google docs:

Google sheets, slides and Docs are normally working as a spreadsheet, presentation and word processor program respectively. You can get all these stuff free of cost from Google within its free Google drive service. This site permits users to edit and create any documents on its free Google drive interface which is quite good and you can also share these documents online to your friend if you want in real time.


These three applications are well available as chrome application, mobile app, and web applications for both iOS and android. These three applications are well compatible with Microsoft office file formats. These are well integrated with Google drive which comes by default comes with Google Drive.


  • You can do various official works through these Google docs. You can create documents, spreadsheets and any kind of presentation through this webs interface which is quite helpful for the user. You can also save these documents on your computer in form of text, PDF, Html and ODF format.
  • You can do real-time editing for any documents in Google docs. These documents can be shared edited and opened by several users at a time. You can get a sidebar chat option available for the edit work if several users are doing an edit on that same document.
  • This application can easily open two ISO standard document formats which are like office open XML and Open Document. You can also check the format of the document like it is in .xls or .doc format which is quite helpful for the user.



CRM is nothing but a database and it is a customer based feature which provides customer input, requirements, direct online communication and especially helpful for customer service center companies. This helps users to solve the problems of the customer.



  • CRM helps people those who need sells for their company. This app helps for the sales promotion analysis. You can track the client’s account anytime from its database for any further sales and marketing which is a good thing.
  • This also provides data warehouse technology which provides the transaction information.
  •  Overall CRM helps users for the marketing campaign and multiple tracking customers for services and several clicks.


Credit card processing:

To handle various transactions from different channels such as debit card, credit card and merchant acquiring bank a third part company known as payment processor always appointed by a merchant. This payment processor normally works as two different parts like the front end and back end. SaaS process always handles the recurring payment from the merchant and always maintains secure and safe payment information. It also offers a payment token which is a payment proof.

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So, guys, these are all about the details process of credit card processing, use of Google docs and CRM in small business. If you have any question on this topic you can comment under the comment section I will try to clear your doubt.

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