Whatsapp’s New Privacy Features Allows To Hide Last Seen Status, Profile Picture On Whatsapp

whatsappRecently Facebook's owner Mark Zuckerberg bought the most commonly used messaging app WhatsApp. Day after the purchase mark made some changes in WhatsApp. This change brings new privacy features to the WhatsApp users.

There are lots of things which were a threat to WhatsApp users, i.e Anyone having their number can check their Profile Pic, Last seen, WhatsApp Status. But after this update, one gets access to the features which enables them to hide the above listed things.


Using this feature one can hide their last seen, status, not only that but they can also hide the profile picture and that too as they want, for an instance a person wants his contacts to see the status but wants to hide it from the other persons, can personalize the Privacy settings in that way.

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