IGNOU BCA, MCA Project VIVA VOCE Questions

Ignou BCA exam result 2014IGNOU VIVA BCA MCA Questions Collection for your preparation

IGNOU BCA MCA Viva questions


1. Have you made this project yourself?

2. Did u prepare it alone?

3. Steps to register a host or domain for your website.

4. How much u paid for this hosting facility?

5. Your conclusion after doing this project —project conclusion.

6. From where you get reference, guide for your project work?

7. What is your role in your project?

Systems development life cycle (SDLC)

Preliminary analysis

1. Why you have chosen this project?

2. What is the front end & backend of your project?

3. About project title -describe your project title.

4. What technology have you used for the project?

5. Which model you have used in your project.

6. How was project implemented?

7. What is Limitations of your project?

8. What functionality you provide?

9. Information system -define your system and its working.

10. What are the different modules of your project?

11. What are the different reports generated by your software?

12. How you analyze the system requirements for your project?

13. Tell me about your project.

14. Describe your project?

15. What are the entities in your project?

16. Is it a Hardware or Software project?

17. How you gathered requirement of your project?

18. Advantages of your project?

Systems design

1. How to create db connection.

2. What are your entities in your system?

3. Explain ER, DFD of your project.

4. What is DFD? Draw 0 and 1st level DFD.

5. Can u see the entities and attributes in DFD?

6. Difference between pert chart and Gantt chart.

7. What is Robustness?

8. Explain any Cost Estimation Model like COCOMO and what their inputs


9. What is primary key, secondary key, Alternate key, Candidate key?

10. Functionality and flow of project.

11. What are entities? Types of entities? Set entity?

12. What is active-x control?

13. Explanation about the tables used in my project.

14. No: of modules and their names.

15. SRS.

16. What is SDLC?

17. What is normalization?

18. What are the methodologies used in your project?

19. All the form of normalization.

20. What is cardinality?

21. What is data consistency?

22. What is Data Dictionary?

23. What is integrity constraint?

24. Explain some SQL Queries.

25. SQL basics like Queries, stored procedure trigger and Joins.

26. What is foreign key can its value be null?

27. Difference between varchar & char?

28. What is rule0?

29. How many are Codd rules?

30. Who is father of RDBMS?

31. Explain LINQ query?

32. What is foreign key?

33. Difference between SQL Server and Oracle database?

34. What is ADO or JDBC?

35. Type of JDBC drivers and what advantages JDBC have over ODBC driver.

36. Difference between servlet class, normal java class and container class.

37. What is OOPS?

38. Difference between encapsulation & abstraction?

39. Coding of simple textbox with buttons and its methods and properties?

40. How many types of inheritance available in java and how to implement

multiple inheritances in java.

41. What is the extension of java executable file?

42. Protocol for file transfer over the internet and what is TCP/IP.

43. What is html?

44. What is internet?

45. What is TCP/IP?

46. Difference between online and offline.

47. Which software you used in your project?

48. Explain data flow of your application?

49. Why you preferred ORACLE for your project.


1. They can ask about coding part also.

2. What is Code Efficiency?

3. Some Part of Coding.

4. Write the Grid view Coding.

5. Write a select query and explain the data flow regarding the table and the


6. What to connect to the database?

7. Client – server architecture and how it is implemented in project.

8. Do you think waterfall model exists now days?

9. Why did you choose ASP.NET instead if Java?

10. What is namespace?

11. What is the server of ASP.net?

12. What is state management?

13. What is session?

14. What is view state?

15. What is the default time in session?

16. What is query string?

17. Features of ASP.net?

Integration and testing

1. What is software testing?

2. What are different types of software Testing explain?

3. Explain the necessity of testing a project?

4. How was testing done give some scenario.

5. How can you prevent your data from other users?

6. What is Validation? Have you implemented the validations?

7. Which testing technique have you used? What is white box testing? Which

technique under white box testing?

8. Which case tool I have used for testing?

9. Explain Testing and its methods.

10. Testing strategy.

11. What are Test Cases?

12. What is exception?

13. What is try catch?

14. How would you handle network failures?

15. Connectivity failures between database and web server.

16. How does u ensure that the database does not get corrupted?

17. How you test your application?

18. What is security features?

Acceptance, installation, deployment

1. Draw backs of system and future scope.

2. What are the drawbacks of your system?

3. How and where you implement your project?


1. In future what changes you will make in your application?

2. What features you can add in your project in future?

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