MVC Design Pattern

MVC Design Pattern

MVC Design Pattern in is useful to solve complex design problems. It is implemented using Object Oriented Principals. Main use of Pattern design is to separate business and Presentation Layer. Through the separation of layers we can make changes without affecting other layers. It is easier to test and maintain codes that implement this pattern.

MVC design separates an application into three Components Model, View and Controller. Each component have specific task for developing an application. This enables the developer to manage the large scale project and work on individual task.

Three components of MVC are Model, View and Controller. View displays the data from Model on the request of Controller.

View is a graphically represents the data in User Interface (UI) which works on HTML, XML, CSS, JQuery, XHTML, WML etc. It displays data when events fire by the user and transform the Model as needed. It provides an interface to interact with system.

Model contains data for its application and manages it. Function of Model is processing the data like database connection and implementing business rules.

When data gets modified in Model by controller then it notifies the View about update. When user fires an event, then view receives it and transfers the control to Controller. After receiving Control controller validate the condition and modify the model. It also updates the view it needed.

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