What is web designing? Is mastering in Photoshop will make you a web designer?

Obviously mastering in Photoshop will not make you a web designer…..

Is it the skill to present something? Yes, you heard it right; web designing is all about the skills to present or presentation of content. Being a web designer, Web designing is all about planning and creation of websites. As websites creation becomes more and more popular in today’s time and there is an increased demand for web designers with web designing skills.
When it comes to create the website, “Design” plays a very vital role, not every individual will understand the term “design” for them it’s just a design, but when it’s come to the designer point of view, design depicts the complete layout which includes Principal of designs- Contrast, Theme, Balance, and Color combination with design elements- lines, shapes, texture etc.
By putting all these things together, a web designer creates websites. When you work as a web designer you need to learn a lot whether you are working for the entire website or a single individual page.
_> JavaScript- For Interactions and features
_> CSS (cascading style sheet) – Entire layout, Color scheme etc.
_> HTML- Structure of web pages.
_> Server Management: All website needs to be hosted.
_> SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- It ensures that website is very much attractive to Google.
_> Web strategy and marketing: one of the most major aspects when it comes to website creation, having the website is not enough, there must be some digital strategy involved.
_ > Content: another fascinating aspect is content, Google discovery is all about the relevant business content.

And much more……..

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